I have been wargaming in some way or form at least from the time I was 7 or 8 years old. Wargaming is a great hobby, it combines all the fun aspects of gaming with artistic skills and also a passion for studying history.

I finally decided that rather than continue posting multiple after action reports and reviews through the different online discussion groups it would be better to centralize everything in one spot so that I could simply then post the link in all this other places, clearly a more efficient plan.

With that in mind this blog will be a repository of as much of all the material related to wargame that I can produce. I have also invited some of my wargaming buddies to also add articles on their work and games here.

The blog will generally be divided in the following sections ( at least initially ) :

Historicals: This will include all historical gaming all the way from ancients to moderns, and even include what if scenarios such as cold war gone hot. I play a lot of historicals, some of my favorite set of rules are Field of Glory, General de Brigade, Napoleon at War, Brink of Battle, Battlegroup and Victory Decision.

Sci Fi: I have always been a big sci fi fan and in recent years I’ve manage to expand my sci fi armies with lots of 15mm miniatures, but I also love spaceship gaming and plain Star Wars games. Here you fill find us playing all the Star Wars related games by fantasy flight games, as well as games with Strike Legion, Victory Decision, Starmada, Task Force Z, etc.

Fantasy wargaming was maybe one of the areas of gaming with which I got started, back when we were playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle Third Edition, the first edition with the big thick hardcover book. There days I keep searching for a good set of rules for mass battles, but I do get to use Brink of Battle’s companion Epic Heroes for my skirmish gaming. I have also tried some fantasy versions of Lords and Servants and also some Wargods of Aegyptus.

In Workbench we will post any articles related to the modelling part of the hobby, new terrain that we make, miniatures that we are painting and maybe at some point a tutorial or two.

Finally we have Little-o, little-o is the remainder term for the Taylor series approximation to a function, so in this section we will put that, the remainder, everything that doesn’t really fit to the other categories yet does not have a section of it’s own as could be the case for any Cthulhu, Pulp or Victorian Sci Fi gaming, and many other strange things.

I hope you will enjoy the articles you will find in this blog as we all like to share our hobby.


Francisco Erize