Arcane Legions – great wargame for young new wargamers

I’m always looking for fun ways to introduce my kids to wargaming.

Recently I found that you can get ridiculously cheap deals on Arcane Legions, a game system that apparently came out through KS and over time faded away.

It might not be a system for more sophisticated wargamers, but for the wargamer “light” or for little rookie wargamers it is pretty good.

The rules include all the basic elements of wargaming:

based units
deployment zones
objective driven scenarios
flanking moves
ranged vs close combat

It is really a great way to introduce new wargamers and the historical/fantasy setting is a lot of fun !!

In this game Alex was invading Egypt with his Romans while I was trying to stop him.Emma was rolling my dice. Of course I’ve found out that with these little gamers, you need to let them win the earlier games. I realized that after Alex decided to lock himself in a room after losing a game of Chess that he was playing against me with an impressive amount of skill.
Also we were only using basic rules.. next time we’ll have to include advanced rules..

His favorite unit ended up being the Roman-bear-mounted-cataphracts that defeated my hoplites while my undead mummies were killing his catapult.



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