Bloodbath on the streets of Apsis

Another great game of CLASH of Spears (#clashofspears ), the Carthaginian city of Apsis has fallen and chaos takes over the streets.

We zoom into a small action taking place on the slums of the eastern quarters…

Clash of Spears is well suited to represent raiding actions, scouting and similar encounters but also to represent small portions of a big conflict taking place.

In particular when the armies have disbanded into random war parties running around in pandemonium.

Although CLASH is great for pick up game we take extra effort to provide good context for the action. It is not just about throwing a few models on the table and rolling dice, the scenarios carefully aim to present interesting tactical problems.


  1. Horatius

    Very nice scenario, the game looks just like it will be just what my carthaginian army needs to get back to the field.
    The game looks close to being published, do you still need playtesters?

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