Cheap and easy paved roads for moderns/sci-fi

I was looking for some roads for my 15mm moderns and sci fi games and a friend of mine recommended play tape.

Upon getting a couple of rolls from Amazon was ready to give them a try.

From the very beginning I liked the way they look, however it seemed like a waste to be throwing away a bunch of tape after every game. Also the sticky part is not THAT sticky and it is not that easy to put it on the table without messing it up.

This lead me to a quick idea, why not get some cheap thin magnetic sheets and stick the tape to them. The sheets are sticky themselves and they have enough weight that they will stay flat on the table. They are also very thin so it looks good, plus if you have some old metal thin bases like I do, you can use those as connectors to keep your roads together during game play.

Here are a few pictures of my roads. This is fun, easy and much cheaper than many of the roads that you can get for 15mm, you just need to make sure you get an extra roll for the kids so they won’t go after yours!

I use the 4″ roads for 15mm and the 2″ for micro armor. I think you can get them in Walmart and Amazon, among other stores.

Play Tape:

And I get magnetic sheets from amazon, the ones that come flat, not the rolls, so I don’t need to straighten them up.




  1. Mark A. Siefert

    I just got a roll of 4″ tape and some curves and the magnetic sheets are on their way. Do you have recommendation on how long to make each tape segment and where to cut them?

    • Seldon

      I do 12″ straights and a few 6″, but it is probably practical to have various lengths and a few angles for table ends.

      I don’t do crossings, the magnetic sheets are thin so thin that I connect on top of the other covering the white lines.


  2. Maximo Justo


    First of all. Very nice Blog! Congrats!

    Completely off-topic (well, not completely), I bought Song of Blades and Heroes and want to play a skirmish game, but I don´t have anything terrain-wise. And I don´t find in Internet how to start from zero (so maybe a good idea for a tutorial for newbies?). Anyway…I want to make (or buy) a basic green terrain (1 meter x 1 meter) for skirmish on 28mm and then will add things like stones, etc. or get more terrain for bigger things. I was thinking on buying four, 50cm x 50cm x 2cm white plain styrofoam (telgopor) and then paint them green. Is that the best way to make a 1 meter x 1 meter basic grass terrain? Should I buy terrain covers? Where do I buy or where do I get the kind of “grass plain terrain” that your Dad has in BA? I think it´s better than just painted styrofoam.
    Thanks a lot!


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