Historical Gaming at Nerdstock

On most Thursday evenings you can find a group of us at Nerdstock. Mostly we show up around 5:30 to 6:00 so we can get a game in before closing at 10:00. The tables are very nice, as is the atmosphere as a whole. The proprietors are very welcoming, even though we are playing games that they don’t sell.


Lately we’ve been playing L’art De La Guerre (LADLG), a miniatures game of ancient and medieval warfare. LADLG is based very closely on DBM with a few Field of Glory elements. Each base is one unit, which moves and fights individually. The armies are smaller than DBM or FOG, but there is more meat than DBA. We are having fun.


Mongols verus Song Chinese

Chip fielded his Mongols (10mm) with a Korean ally, while Beka and I used her newly acquired Song Chinese (15mm). I made the mistake of trying to match cavalry against the Mongols and, although things started out OK, we soon collapsed into total disarray. Both cavalry commands were crushed, while Beka’s infantry stood fast with their flank on the gully.

Rome versus Pontus

Bob G fielded his Middle Imperial Romans in another historical matchup against Bob H’s Pontic forces. Both Roman wings were pushed back to the breaking point, and eventually beyond.

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