New Wargame Spot online forum – former Great Hall Gamers forum

Since moving here to Austin Texas back in 2005 my wargaming indulgence has traditionally been supported by the crowd at the Lone Star Historical Miniatures Austin Chapter and the HQ for such crowd had been mainly Great Hall Games.

Over the past couple of years Great Hall Games first went through a change of owners and eventually, and unfortunately, finally closed doors. Since then the extensive historical  ( and non historical ) gaming community that used to meet there has been finding new alternative venues and even organizing monthly games at different gamers homes.

Since the store has closed the original Great Hall Gamers forum used to arrange games was about to go offline. Rob, original founder of Great Hall Games and now one of our esteemed contributors at The Wargame Spot, decided it would be a good idea to preserve that online space and has hence moved it here to a new home.

Hopefully this will once again serve as the space for our local wargamers to arrange upcoming games and also for any new wargamers joining the local scene here in Austin to get in touch with this very welcoming crowd.



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