Powermonger´s BEF Army (ongoing)

I want to present the first few models of my BEF 1940 army.
They are prepared to take the field with my presently used rules:
– Battlegroup (for platoon and larger games)
– Chain of Command (for small skirmishes)

I will add more as soon as I complete the rest of them.
Also, there is a separate post with a painting guide.

The models up to here are:

– 3 A9´s from different HQ squadrons from the 1st armoured division (PSC)
– 1 x scout carrier from the 13/18th Hussars from 1st Inf Division (Millicast)
– 1 x Bren Carrier from the carrier section of the senior infantry brigade of 2nd Inf. division (Millicast)
– 1 x Universal carrier from an unidentified carrier section (PSC)
– 2 x 2 pdr AT guns (Zvezda)
– Infantry section from 2nd Inf division (Blitz)
– Vickers MMG (blitz gunner, Zvezda loader & commander)
– Sniper team. Sniper plus spotter (Blitz)
– Single sniper (Blitz)
– 2 inch mortar team (Blitz)
– Boys AT rifle team (Blitz)
– 3 inch mortar team (blitz with 1 zvezda crew)

– Vickers MMG loader crew (Zvezda)
– Officer with swagger stick (Blitz)
– Foward artillery Observer team (Blitz)

To be continued

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