Excel builder for Scrappers

One of our wargamers recently converted to Scrappers ( let’s just call him Nacho* ) decided to spend some extra time creating an excel builder for to make it easier to come up with your crew.

Well his work is just fantastic.  The file is really useful. You still need to know the rules for crew design, but this will be of great help. It is not intended to validate legal lists, but it does help with the options available to prevent you from making silly mistakes.

It has a builder tab where you create your guys and a couple of tabs where the data is consolidated, one of those tabs even populates the Scrappers roster sheet.

I created my forces for my first game with it:



You can find the file here, if for any reason you cannot get the file just drop us a line.

Scrappers Builder


Enjoy !!
Scrappers is the latest adaptation of Brink of Battle by Strategic Elite, printed by Osprey and incorporating post-apocalyptic setting, traits and rules.



*yes, I said Nacho but I don’t mean this guy: 


  1. Thom Osborn

    I have been playing around with the builder, but must be missing something. I create the first Crewman (Commander) in the builder his stats get moved over to the summery, all fine. But how do I start doing the second crewman? If I clear out the builder I loose all the stats in the summery for the first crewman. What am I missing?

  2. Seldon

    Ok… yes.. overzealous designer 🙂 with OCD… he grouped the other builder rows and hid them … click on the plus signs on the left to open other builder cells..

    Make sure you name your characters, and then in the roster or summary you populate the name of the character and the data will appear. Note that in the roster the drop down menu with the names of the characters is activated with the very small button on the top right corner of the name cell.

    Let me know if that works… it should.. I just tried it.

    • Thom Osborn

      Yes that worked, thanks, I figured it was something simple that I was just missing.

      Now I have a question about the roster sheets I can only locate one drop down box, shouldn’t there be one for each?
      Thanks Thom

      • Thom Osborn

        Never mind just figured out how it works.

        Very nice thanks for making this makes setting up a team so much easier.


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